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The Re-Imagining of the E&P Sector

By Ben West
February 2, 2021

The Energy Council explores the re-imagining of the E&P Sector and highlights Kimmeridge’s three pillars of reform.

Houston Business Journal – Marathon Oil cuts CEO, board compensation by 25%

By Joshua Mann
January 28, 2021

Mark Viviano, Managing Partner and Head of Public Equities, says Kimmeridge is encouraged by the steps Marathon Oil has taken to reduce management compensation to further align management interests with stakeholders.

Bloomberg – Marathon Oil Shrinks CEO Pay 25% While Cutting Emissions

By David Wethe
January 28, 2021

Kimmeridge applauds Marathon Oil’s 25% reduction in total CEO and Board compensation.

Kimmeridge Comments on Marathon Oil’s Newly Announced Executive Compensation Structure

January 28, 2021

Financial Times – Shale Producers Fear Drilling Binge Will Spoil Good Times

By Myles McCormick and Derek Brower
January 25, 2021

Ben Dell, Kimmeridge Founder and Managing Partner, comments on whether “bad actors” in the shale industry can resist the urge to produce more crude when prices are riding a high.

Energy 360 Podcast – Reforming U.S. Shale Companies

January 11, 2021

Mark Viviano, Head of Public Equities at Kimmeridge, discusses the firm’s approach to reforming the shale sector.

Bloomberg TV Markets – Biden Win Would Be Positive for Oil Price, Activist Dell Says

October 16, 2020

Ben Dell, Kimmeridge Founder and Managing Partner, provides an industry outlook under a Biden administration.

Hart Energy – How to Make E&Ps Investable Again

By Steve Toon
October 2, 2020

Kimmeridge comments on how to make E&Ps investable again, after decades of capital destruction, misaligned executive incentives and an indifference to environmental impacts.

Wall Street Journal – Shale Companies Had Lousy Returns. Their CEOs Got Paid Anyway.

By Collin Eaton
October 2, 2020

Ben Dell, Founder and Managing Partner of Kimmeridge, notes that U.S. oil and gas CEOs continue to be rewarded handsomely despite driving the sector through a decade of consistent value destruction and poor performance.

Financial Times – The Threat to Oil and Gas Capital

By Derek Brower and Myles McCormick
September 10, 2020

The Financial Times takes a closer look at Kimmeridge’s recent white paper on “Charting a Path to Net Zero Emissions For Oil & Gas Production.”

Bloomberg TV Commodities Edge – Shale Activist Hunts for New Target in ‘Uninvestable’ Sector

February 27th, 2020

Ben Dell, Founder and Managing Partner at Kimmeridge, says 80% of the E&P sector has become uninvestable and the firm is part of a growing chorus calling for radical action to reform the shale industry, with intentions to put pressure on the worst offenders in the space.

Wall Street Journal – Kimmeridge Energy Hires Veteran Wellington Management Analyst Mark Viviano

By Corrie Driebusch
February 6, 2020

The WSJ reports on Mark Viviano’s appointment as head of public equities at Kimmeridge.

Bloomberg – Shale’s Amazing, World-Changing, Lousy Decade

By Liam Denning
December 27, 2019

Bloomberg draws on statements made by Ben Dell in 2009 on the need for better governance and financial discipline in the shale industry.

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